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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Kick-my-@$$ Workout

I did Sarah and Nikki's hill/lifting workout on the treadmill for 4 miles last night! I tried it once before and it killed me so I didn't really do it like they said to do it. Although, I lowered the incline from what the "animals" run at so I could do it-I ran at a 7-8% incline the whole time and lifted in between. I was getting wierd looks from people around me at the gym. They probably thought I was crazy!! (I guess I am for doing this) Towards the end I was pooped, but I pushed myself and felt so strong and accomplished. When my calves were on fire and I couldn't breathe, I thought of Dez's strong spirit and that we WILL be taking the gold for her (and McCoy!) and I kept telling myself that I didn't want Sarah to have to run with me up a hill this time. :-) I'm really proud of myself for running 4 miles up a hill. Still not sure if I could do it continuously and not stop, but hey, I accomplished 4 miles no matter what so I was happy with myself. Thanks Sarah and Nikki for a great workout!! Can't wait to see you all!!


desmon said...

Okay you are awesome. I am so proud of you. You are going too do great!

Misty Dunny said...

What exactly is the work out? I would love to try it out! Way to go, sounds like you are working hard! I am getting so excited for the race!

Katrina said...

Misty, I copied and pasted Sarah's post about it...Put your treadmills on 10% incline and run at 5.0 or higher, for .25 miles get off do a set of weights on your arms or legs if you dare and get back on for another .25. Just keep going back and forth until you get to 4 miles. (I do three sets of 15 when I lift. Rotating with running in between sets.)

Good's a great hard workout. I couldn't run at 10%, I kept it at 7-8% for me. One day I will be able to do it at 10%!!

Marinda said...

way to go Katrina I still haven't even tried it. I am too scared. Maybe I will try it next week. You did AWSOME!!