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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Computer Impaired Kim

I am just trying this to see if I even know how to do this. I am really quite "computer impaired" I hope you all are doing great with the holidays, eating, running, eating, and eating some more. Just Kidding. I do have to say I did 9 miles on saturday and felt great! I am running with my sister Emilee and if we didn't talk so much maybe we'd run faster but the time goes faster by running. The cold hasn't been fun and makes it hard for me to get out of bed but I keep thinking about the race and it gets me excited. If anyone wants to my sister and I are doing the "Painters Half Marathon in St. George Jan. 17th. It's only $35.00 and is a lot of fun. Plus it is hopefully getting me ready for the Del Sol! I'd love anyone to join us. My sister and I try doing a long run on Saturdays so if anyone wants to join us let me know. This Saturday we won't because I have a piano recital for all of my students but we will next Saturday. I hope you all are happy and well and can't wait to meet all of you.

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Nikki said...

Hey Kim I am so glad that you figured everything out the blog. It sounds like you and Em are going to be the strongest runners. You are training like crazy. I can't remeber the last time I ran 9 miles. Y'all are swesome.